Sleep Disorders
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National Sleep Foundation The National Sleep Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes public understanding of sleep and sleep disorders and supports sleep-related education, research and advocacy to improve public health and safety.

Sleep Research Laboratory is a leading Sleep Research Center in the UK and has a world-wide reputation. The Laboratory has most of the modern facilities for sleep research, including equipment for the home-recording of sleep electroencephalograms (EEGs), actimetry (body movement-monitoring during sleep), state of the art computer-based systems, and a driving simulator. It also has bedrooms for overnight recordings.

The Treatment of Sleep Disorders of Older People An article by The National Institutes of Health Consensus Development to address the cause, diagnosis, assessment, and specific treatments of sleep disorders of older people.

Clinical Frontiers in the Sleep/Psychiatry Interface Sleep experts provide a review of what is currently known about the genesis and treatment of insomnia and hypersomnolence, depression and sleep, sleep disturbances in PTSD, and pain and sleep.